Researchers :
your inventions deserve to be disseminated to all!

As a subsidiary of Alsatian public research institutions, SATT Conectus is your privileged contact to protect your inventions, guide them to the market and lead to a new product, service or industrial process. Conectus can also assist you in developing and securing your partnerships with the industrial world.

Why use Conectus ?

  1. You have access to possible financing to transform your invention into an innovative product on the market and generate potential revenues that may be useful for your future research work

  2. You are fully guided for the industrial development of your research project, in particular thanks to Conectus' solid network of partners (incubators, investors...)

  3. Conectus, a subsidiary of Alsatian public research institutions, defends your interests.

  4. You have free access to skills complementary to your science and useful for your discoveries (legal, intellectual property, business development...)

  5. You are connected or collaborate with companies pre-qualified by Conectus, in complete confidentiality and security.

  6. You are supported by a Conectus project manager who knows the business and research worlds inside out.

  7. Conectus opens you the doors of a regional and national network of partners focused on innovation (investors, competitiveness clusters, institutions...)

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