Our strength: a mix of academic
and industrial expertise

At Conectus, researchers and entrepreneurs work alongside. This is reflected in the composition of its governance and the calibrated profile of its teams, whose mixed public-private paths enable them to be fully aligned with all the challenges of technology transfer on a daily basis. Thus are ensured effective interactions between companies and researchers.

Conectus, how does it work?

SATT Conectus is a private company (Joint ownership company). Under the guidance of Marc GILLMANN, its President, the governance of Conectus is structured around two decision-making bodies: the Investment Committee and the Board of Directors.

40 highly skilled and experienced employees

To bring together entrepreneurs and researchers, Conectus has assembled a pool of collaborators from both the economic and public research worlds:

40 employees

Staff size

10 PhD

Number of doctors on the team

36 years old

Average age of the team

Master's degree

Average level of education of employees




Propriété intellectuelle

Expertise n°1

Intellectual Property


Expertise n°2

Investment + Support for innovative projects

picto_business dev

Expertise n°3

Business Development


Expertise n°4

Legal support

On a daily basis, our teams focus on 5 main priorities:

  1. Detecting inventions in public research laboratories and identifying their potential for industrial application in the long term
  2. Protecting these inventions as best as possible
  3. Investing in the most promising inventions, proving their concept and transforming them into innovative products / services accessible on the market
  4. Putting researchers and companies in contact with each other to establish fruitful collaborations
  5. Managing technology transfer operations and following them up (licensing, creation of start-ups, etc.)
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