When the researcher's invention becomes a Startup

Conectus invests financially in researchers' inventions to transform them into innovative technologies adapted to market expectations. These technologies are then industrialised and marketed, either by an existing company or by a startup created for this purpose. The SATT Conectus thus gives birth each year to new "gold nuggets" straight from Alsatian public research laboratories.

Startups supported by Conectus

Since 2012, with the support of its partners, including the SEMIA startup incubator, SATT Conectus has created 48 innovative startups in Alsace, mainly in the health sector.

At each creation, Conectus takes a stake in the startup's capital. This is a strong signal of solidary commitment alongside the entrepreneurs and the researcher(s) who dive into the adventure of entrepreneurship on this occasion.

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In tandem with its partner Semia, startup incubator, Conectus provides a dedicated project manager to support all adventurers in the creation of companies based on technologies resulting from public research. Researchers or doctoral students, it's time to take the plunge!

Results are in!


startups created since 2012

368 M€

of equity raised by these startups since 2012

66 %

of these startups are created in Health and Medical Technologies sectors

69 %

of these startups are located in the Alsace territory



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