Confidentiality and personal data protection policy

This site is subject to compliance with the French law of 6 January 1978, known as "Informatique et libertés";
it has been registered with the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL).

The site is subject to the regulations concerning marketing communication, the law of 21 June 2014 for trust in the Digital Economy, the Data Protection Act of 06 August 2004 and the General Data Protection Regulations (RGPD: No. 2016-679).

Collection of personal data:

The terms "personal data", "data subject", "processor" and "sensitive data" have the meaning defined by the General Data Protection Regulations (GDR: No 2016-679)

As the controller of the data it collects, SATT Conectus undertakes to comply with the legal provisions in force. In particular, it is responsible for establishing the purposes of its data processing, providing its prospects, users and customers, from the collection of their consents, with full information on the processing of their personal data and maintaining a register of processing in accordance with reality. Whenever SATT Conectus processes personal data, it shall take all reasonable measures to ensure that the personal data collected are accurate and relevant to the purposes for which they are processed by SATT Conectus.

SATT Conectus will not process, host or transfer information collected from users to another country. Nevertheless, SATT Conectus remains free to choose its technical and commercial subcontractors provided that it provides sufficient guarantees with regard to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDR 2016-679).

SATT Conectus undertakes to take all necessary precautions to safeguard the security of the information collected and in particular that it is not communicated to unauthorised persons. However, if an incident affecting the integrity or confidentiality of a user's information should affect or be brought to the attention of SATT Conectus, SATT Conectus shall promptly inform the user and communicate the corrective measures taken.

SATT Conectus does not collect any "sensitive data".

Within the limits of their respective powers and for the purposes mentioned above, the main persons likely to have access to the personal data of SATT Conectus users are mainly those in charge of maturing investment files, the management of research contracts, the financial management, communication and management.

Invisible collection of information related to the visitor's navigation:

SATT Conectus records certain personal data relating to the habits of prospects, users and customers on the site, with their consent.

SATT Conectus uses this data internally for the purpose of statistics on users, their interests and behaviour, and for the purpose of exchange and information with users, with the aim of always better serving them.

This personal data is compiled and analysed in its entirety, and may include the URL that has just been visited, the URL to which the user will go (whether or not these URLs are on the SATT Conectus website), the browser used and the IP address.

COOKIE WARNING: a cookie is placed by SATT Conectus on the user's computer when the user visits the site, which does not allow the user to be identified; on the other hand, it records information relating to navigation (the pages visited, the date and time of the visit, etc.).

The length of time this information is stored on the user's computer is limited to the time of the connection session and will be deleted after a period of twelve (12) months.

Destination of the information collected:

Electronic messages sent via links on the site are kept for processing and for a sufficient and necessary time for processing.

SATT Conectus undertakes not to communicate the personal data collected to any third party without the prior consent of the user. SATT Conectus does not market personal data, which is therefore only used out of necessity or for statistical, analytical or communication purposes between SATT Conectus and the user.

SATT Conectus may process all or part of the personal data:

  • to allow navigation on the site, management and traceability of the data of connection and use of the site
  • to conduct optional satisfaction surveys
  • to conduct information campaigns (enewsletter or emailings)
  • to carry out candidate recruitment actions (jobs, competitions, calls for projects, etc.)

For further information, the user can request the DPO at the following address: to consult the processing register on the website

Exercise of the right of access, rectification and opposition:

If the user does not wish his personal data to be used for prospecting or communication purposes, he may exercise his right to object by sending an e-mail to indicating the data concerned.

As such, he has the following rights

  • access (Article 15 PGRD) and rectification (Article 16 PGRD), updating, completeness of users' data,
  • blocking or erasure of personal users' data (Article 17 of the PGRD), when they are inaccurate, incomplete, ambiguous, outdated, or whose collection, use, communication or storage is prohibited,
  • the right to withdraw consent at any time (Article 13(2)(c) PGRD),
  • right to limit the processing of user data (Article 18 PGRD),
  • right to object to the processing of user data (Article 21 PGRD),
  • the right to the portability of data provided by users, where such data are processed automatically on the basis of their consent or on the basis of a contract (Article 20 PGRD)

As soon as SATT Conectus becomes aware of the death of a user and in the absence of instructions from him before his death, SATT Conectus undertakes to destroy the data concerning him, unless their storage is strictly necessary for evidential purposes or to meet a legal obligation.
If the user wishes to know how SATT Conectus uses his personal data, requests to rectify them or objects to their processing, the user may contact SATT Conectus in writing at the following address: 

SATT Conectus - For the attention of the DPO - 5 rue Schiller 67000 Strasbourg.

In this case, the user must indicate the personal data he or she wishes SATT Conectus to correct, update or delete, precisely by identifying himself or herself with a copy of an identity document (valid identity card or passport).

Requests for the deletion of personal data will be subject to the obligations imposed on SATT Conectus by law, in particular with regard to the conservation or archiving of documents.

Finally, SATT Conectus users may file a complaint with the supervisory authorities, and in particular with the CNIL (


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