innovate with public research, it's better!

Do you want to boost your R&D or innovate while limiting your risks? Looking for scientific skills or state-of-the-art equipment to boost an innovative project? Alsatian public research has a thousand talents. Come and meet them and take the opportunity to reinvent your innovation strategy! SATT Conectus will guide you.

Why go through Conectus?

  1. You express your needs and are guided free of charge by the Conectus experts, experienced in both the industrial and academic worlds.
  2. This gives you quick access to innovative technologies, scientific expertise or technological platforms that match your profile and needs.
  3. You benefit from innovative, risk-protected, and innovative technologies, whose industrial application potential and relevance to market expectations have been pre-validated.
  4. You are put in contact by Conectus with researchers relevant to your needs.
  5. You are guaranteed to collaborate and exchange with researchers in complete security and confidentiality.
  6. You can benefit from the Research Collaboration Tax Credit (CICO) if you collaborate with a public research laboratory.


With Conectus, access the research opportunities offered by :

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