Co-develop an innovative project with a researcher

Co-develop an innovative project with a researcher

A formula launched in 2013 by SATT Conectus, co-conception proposes to involve a company at an early stage in the development of an innovative project led by a researcher and meeting its needs:

  • Conectus takes the financial risk of the program and invests financially in the project to demonstrate its technological and economic potential. This makes it possible to derisk the technology under development and to steer the project so that it best meets the real needs of the market.
  • All the work carried out in collaboration with the laboratory is managed and financed by Conectus.
  • The company brings its industrial expertise and contributes time to ensure that the project properly integrates all industrial requirements.
  • In return, if the project is successful, the company benefits from a licensing option, guaranteeing it priority and exclusive access to the technology developed.


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