Our business: accelerating innovation through
public research inventions

SATT Conectus brings Alsatian public research laboratories and companies together to
multiply the collaborations between these two worlds and thus boost French innovation. First 
SATT created in France in 2012, Conectus brings researchers' inventions to market and
promotes all forms of collaboration between researchers and companies.

What is a SATT?

Conectus is one of the 13 French SATTs, federated within the National SATT Network. A SATT, Société d'Acélération du Transfert de Technologies, is a simplified joint stock company (SAS) created in a given territory by several public research institutions, as part of the Investments of the Future Program (PIA), launched by the French State.

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Innovating with Alsatian public research

SATT Conectus intervenes in the entire chain of technology transfer and public-private partnerships. It invests financially in innovative research projects to bring them to market and manages partnership contracts between public laboratories and companies. Its action is based on the scientific excellence of the laboratories located in Alsace (Grand Est region).

Conectus and tech transfer, how does it works ? (EN)
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Conectus and tech transfer, how does it works ?

Conectus Shareholders:


Conectus at a glance!

Created in 2012


Perimeter of action



Team size

36 M€

Amount of the Conectus Investment Fund


Innovative projects funded
(since 2012)


Technology transfers completed
(since 2012)

48 + 368

Startups created + Amounts raised
(since 2012)

1 929

Partnerships signed between labs and companies, with financial flows
(since 2012)

Expertise n°1 :

Intellectual Property

Propriété intellectuelle

Expertise n°2 :

Investment and support for innovative projects

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Expertise n°3 :

Business development

Business développement

Expertise n°4 :

Legal support

Le juridique
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