Create a startup

Create a startup

Many inventions are born every year in Alsatian public research laboratories. This results in innovative, protected and matured technologies thanks to Conectus, which invests in particular to validate the proof of concept and define their correct positioning in relation to market expectations.

If you want to take the plunge of entrepreneurship while limiting risks, why not create a startup based on one of these innovations from public research? You may be able to integrate the researcher(s) who initiated the discovery into the management team. This will considerably strengthen the credibility of the young company in the eyes of future investors.

If you're interested, you're not alone!  SATT Conectus guides you in your first steps, thanks to its solid network of partners dedicated to business creation and innovation (Semia incubator, investors...).

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In tandem with its partner Semia, an innovative business incubator, Conectus provides a dedicated project manager to support all adventurers in the creation of companies based on technologies resulting from public research.

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