Create a startup

Create a startup

Researcher-entrepreneur, what if tomorrow it was you?

While business creation is often presented as an obstacle course, with SATT Conectus you will benefit from comprehensive support thanks to its solid network of partners.

Several formulas are now available to researchers to gradually and safely experience entrepreneurship:

  • Do you want to join a company to support and manage teams on a daily basis, while keeping the possibility of returning to your functions in your laboratory?
  • You prefer to continue your research activity but would like, in parallel, to carry out consultancy missions to support a startup in the development of your technology, or even become a shareholder?
  • You do not have an innovation that can be transferred but you know a company that will develop an innovation from public research and you want to help it?
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Conectus and its partner SEMIA, an innovative business incubator, provide an expert project manager in business creation, specifically dedicated to projects resulting from public research. He will guide you through each key step of your entrepreneurial adventure. Do you have any doubts about the right strategy? Are you hesitating to get started? Our super-expert will help you to simply explore the first steps of your project! : a website dedicated to the creation of Deeptech startups

The "" website, promoted by Bpifrance, provides all the information you need to create your Deeptech startup. Online networking with 400 #deeptech entrepreneurs, search for partners, help in raising funds, calls for projects, creation stages.... You will find many tools, documents and services to explore and successfully create your startup > (only available in French language)

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