Protect your inventions

Protect your inventions

Protecting your ideas and the results of your research is essential! This is the only way for you to be able to legally prove  that you are the author of your discovery and that you therefore have a right of control over the exploitation that can be made of this discovery by a potential third party.

If you plan to commercialize your invention one day, it is even more imperative: because no company will take the risk of developing on a large scale an innovative technology that would not be legally protected, just as no investor will support a growth project without a legal framework.

To protect, it is still necessary to navigate the intricacies of intellectual property. The filing of a patent is, for example, an apparently simple operation, but one that conceals many pitfalls.

That's why Conectus provides you with a strong team of legal experts to recommend the best protection and allow you to publish quickly if you wish. In addition, the filing fees are fully covered by Conectus. You avoid the pitfalls and in the end, you stay focused on your core business: science.

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Exhibitions, congresses, thesis defences, scientific publications:
It is tempting to publish your discoveries to share your progress with your peers. Unfortunately, if you publish, you will no longer be able to register any intellectual property rights (patents, know-how, etc.). You will therefore no longer be able to officially certify the novelty of your invention, which is therefore disclosed and can unfortunately be industrialized tomorrow by an unscrupulous third party who will have no accountability to you. Today, practical and quick solutions exist. So protect first, publish after!

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