Special for PhD students

Special for PhD students

Designed by SATT Conectus, the Mature your PHD Challenge offers 2nd and 3rd year doctoral students enrolled in Alsatian universities the opportunity to take charge of their future! This competition aims to maximize the chances of professional integration of young doctoral students by opening up opportunities in the private sector (employee or startupper status)

The idea is to capitalize on the thesis projects developed by doctoral students. Each can lead to superb discoveries, which in the long run can turn into an innovative product or service on the market. If the story succeeds, it is a possible job in the private sector for the doctoral inventor, or, for the most adventurous, a unique opportunity to create their own startup to exploit the innovative technology developed!

And what's to win ?

Each doctoral student winner (and indirectly her project team) will have access to:

  • socio-economic and legal support by Conectus experts during the doctoral years: delivery of socio-economic analyses and intellectual property advice related to the doctoral thesis project + 2-day training in entrepreneurship organized in partnership with SEMIA and Pepite Etena
  • possible funding at the end of the doctorate (under conditions / via his laboratory) to continue to develop the thesis project until the market and cover, in this context, his remuneration as a young PhD graduate over a period of 18-24 months


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Easy to apply!

> All you have to do is complete a short 7-page file and obtain the agreement of your thesis director : see the website

> Do you have any doubts about the potential of your thesis project? Contact our teams: they will give you a first opinion right away to get a clearer picture :

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