Collaborate with a company

Collaborate with a company

Researchers and industrialists have a greater interest than ever in meeting and collaborating. At the crossroads of their paths, many revolutionary innovations are emerging, not to mention accelerated development cycles. SATT Conectus brings their respective interests closer together and allows for a smooth and respectful collaboration.

If you are a researcher, there are several options available to you:

  • Contribute your scientific expertise to enrich an R&D project carried out by a company
  • Co-develop an innovative project with an industrial company that will share its market vision with you
  • Make your technological platforms available to companies

Whether it is a service or research, any collaboration deserves to be legally regulated in the interest of both parties. In all cases, SATT Conectus is involved in all aspects of relationship building, negotiation, contractualization and financial management.

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SATT Conectus, a subsidiary of Alsatian public research institutions, defends the interests of researchers as a priority. Negotiations are carried out in compliance with the policies of the research supervisors.

How do partnerships with public research work?
How do partnerships with public research work?
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