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Are you looking for experts to boost your R&D projects? Conectus can help you find scientific and technical experts working in Alsace's public research laboratories who are specialists in your sector. Contact us now!

From service contract to more elaborate research contract, several collaboration ways are available to you. CONECTUS will put you in touch with the researcher(s) and public laboratories that best match your profile. If the skills presented meet your needs, Conectus will then help you draw up a win-win partnership contract (securing exchanges, negotiations and contractualization, administrative and financial monitoring of the contract).

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The SCHMIDT GROUP collaborates with public research to develop a prototype of innovative equipment for the kitchen of the future
BIOSYNEX entrusts a public laboratory in Alsace with the evaluation of its SARS-COV-2 screening test
Large companies

They draw on innovative technologies from Alsatian public research.

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