ARC: the needle for the percutaneous surgery of tomorrow!

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This is the story of an innovative technology that will open new avenues for multimodal interventional radiology and minimally invasive surgery. Developed by an international research team composed of French and Swiss laboratories and powered by SATT Conectus, this new medical solution should enable the practitioners to reconsider the way they can reach their target using a needle. Numerous applications are already concerned by the innovation.
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ARC needle : Enhance your medical gesture !

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ARC is an innovative passive steerable needle for accurate multimodal image-guided percutaneous interventions whose stiffness can be controlled at the fingertip. The device allows to:

  1. Correct the trajectory of the needle during the insertion

  2. Avoid an obstacle during the insertion

  3. Reach multiple targets with one insertion

  4. Reconsider the access entering point of needle insertion

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ARC needle in 3D motion!

The ARC solution will not only help healthcare professionals by facilitating their practice with non-linear insertion approaches but will also offer many advantages from a medical point of view:

  • Passive needle as safe as standard needles.
  • Reduced trauma and infection risks, increased accuracy, and reduced operation time.
  • Size, material and configurations designed on demand depending on the application.
  • Multimodal compatibility (Fluoroscopy, CT scan, US scan, MRI)
  • Coaxial needle tool can be adapted on demand

This innovation is the brainchild of Dr. Ing. Lennart RUBBERT (ICube at INSA Strasbourg - UMR CNRS University of Strasbourg 7357 / France) and Dr. Ing. Charles BAUR (Instant-Lab at EPFL / Switzerland), who both have a significant experience in MedTech projects.

Strasbourg, a region favourable to MedTech innovation

ARC technology also benefits from the synergy offered by the Grand Est French region in terms of innovation in the MedTech theme, following the example of the NextMed campus, which is a reference point at international level for improving care. This ecosystem brings together all the medical, scientific and entrepreneurial skills needed to build the health of the future and innovative solutions for patient care. Many local players, such as the MedUniq Centre or the Strasbourg Institute of Image Guided Surgery, have been involved in the development of the ARC needle, creating new opportunities for collaboration.

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    Dr. Juan VERDE, Digestive & Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Surgery, Senior Researcher at IHU Strasbourg, involved in the ARC   project : « The customizable and controlled flexibility of the ARC technology, ranging from a straight and stiff needle to a flexible one, open the door to the next level of needle insertions. The passive steering capabilities enable both, non-linear approaches and obstacle avoiding insertions, widening the toolkit of any clinician on the field of needle-based procedures, either with diagnostic or therapeutic intentions.»

What's next?
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Currently, the project team is focusing its efforts on further developments in collaboration with KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) from different specialties with the aim of reaching the pre-clinical trial phases. This project, supported by Conectus with a total investment of €620,000, aims to develop a proof of concept that meets the needs of the market.

To this end, Conectus is proposing to industrial partners to join the project, with an exclusive partnership at stake.



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