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Visuel promo_webinaire PhD_20 mars

WEBINAR : How to boost your PHD in 2024?

Welcome to 2nd and 3rd year PhD students enrolled in Alsace's universities! Do you know that your thesis project could one day lead to a startup and interest companies and investors? Do you know your discoveries can lead in the long run to a promising innovation that can be industrialised and marketed on a large scale? Would you like to increase your opportunities thanks to your thesis? Take part to this webinar, it is done for you!
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Concours Innovation

Concours Innovation 2022 : 4 lauréats dans le sillage de Conectus !

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visuel promo campagne détection projets innovants Chercheurs

Chercheurs en Santé, financez votre projet de recherche appliquée grâce à Conectus !

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Lauréats Challenge Mature PhD 2022

Challenge Mature PhD 2022 : 5 doctorant.e.s lauréat.e.s !

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ARC needle

ARC: the needle for the percutaneous surgery of tomorrow!

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Visuel promotionnel_Communiqué Réseau SATT

AAP Booster : le collectif des SATT dynamisé !

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