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How to propose innovative conductive inks

This project will be managed by Lavinia Balan from the Institut de Sciences des Matériaux of Mulhouse (CNRS-UHA)

CoMet focuses on the development of a light-curing metal coating with conductive and mirror properties. These properties are possible thanks to two layers automatically generated through photopolymerization in a single stage:

  • The first: aggregated nanoparticles that form on the surface a metal film with a mirroring effect
  • The second: a composite with mixed nanoparticles

The composition of this coating is green: without solvent and without added metal nanoparticles in opposite of current conductive inks. Currently tested with silver-containing and gold-containing precursors and on different mediums, the targeted application relates to conductive inks.




Conectus Alsace investment will allow to

  • Validate properties of the coating with a demonstration
  • Optimize the composition
  • Test the reliability (impacts, temperatures…


Investment: 371 206€ over a period of 18 months


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