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How to detect new molecules to fight against nervous system disease

This project is presented by Yvon Trottier, Research Director at the IGBMC in Illkirch (UMR 7104 CNRS / Unistra / Inserm) and his collaborator Fabrice Klein. The project is about the development of a research tool aiming to identify potentially active molecules on different diseases characterized by the deposit of amyloid proteinaceous aggregates (Huntington, Alzheimer, type 2 diabetes, etc.). This screening method is based on study of aggregation kinetic of amyloid polypeptides involved in diverse pathologies.


The investment granted by Conectus Alsace enables the research team to automatize this method, to optimize its performances and to allow ultrahigh-throughput screening of aggregation modulator molecules banks.

Beyond a commercialization objective of the method as such, this project will allow to identify combination of promising active principles for the treatment of amyloid pathologies through a screening of some chemical library, which is an essential sanitary and financial stake for our societies.


Investment: 101 000€ over a period of 12 months