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How to make the digital simulation available for non-experts

This project is managed by Christophe Prudhomme (Team Modélisation et contrôle from the Institut de Recherche Mathématique avancée, UMR 7501 – CNRS Unistra).

The research team has developed an open source bookshop currently used by a university consortium and the Cemosis (Centre de Modélisation et de Simulation of Strasbourg) for the modeling, the simulation and the optimization of complex and multiphysics systems by computer. These complex systems are present in every branches of the industry, whether it is for a vehicle engine, an electro-magnet or a composite material. To reduce conception costs, the digital simulation allows to free the user from physical prototypes and to test different functioning scenarios in a simulated environment. Feel++ provides advanced digital methods to calculate mathematic models in real-time by smartly exploiting resources from super calculators.

The goal of maturation is to use this existing platform as way to create an automatisation of the real-time simulation process with a certificate of reliability. It would be available through intuitive graphical interfaces allowing to define, produce, visualize and analyze its simulations.

Digital will thus be more available to companies that have currently not the internal resources.

The investment granted by Conectus Alsace will allow to:

  • Automatize the exploitation of the bookshop
  • Make the modeling available in the Cloud or in moved infrastructures
  • Manage the computational power
  • Adapt the interfaces and the analysis tools in function of the application fields

Investment: 307 000€ over a period of 18 months


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