Conectus Alsace

A look back at 6 years of existence


2006 The creation of Conectus

At the time, the only shared platform for technology transfer bringing together all the players in public research in the Alsace (CNRS, INSA Strasbourg, Inserm, Engees, Hôpitaux Universitaire de Strasbourg, Université de Haute Alsace, Université de Strasbourg).


2009Conectus becomes Conectus Alsace to assert its attachment to the region.


2011 Entry of our application in the Call for Projects for a "Technology Transfer Acceleration Company" (Société d’Accélération de Transfert de Technologies - SATT) within the framework of the Future Investment Programme (Programme Investissement d’avenir - PIA).

  • 2nd May 2011: Results for the SATT CFP: Conectus Alsace ranked 1st among the 5 successful candidates.


From 16th January 2012Creation of the SATT Conectus Alsace


Our status

Conectus Alsace is a private company - a SAS (Société par Actions Simplifiées)


Our shareholders

The Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, CNRS, INSA, Inserm, Engees, Université de Haute Alsace, Université de Strasbourg

The Board of Directors comprises 13 members:


Patrick François

Interregional director

Patrice Soullie

Regional delegate

Marc Renner


Marie-Ange Luc

Regional delegate

Florence Le Ber

Director of Research


Serge Kauffmann

Régional delegate research and technology

Daniel Gallissaires

Head of the 3E department


Christian Theriot

Regional director

Jean Luc Bischoff

Vice-president, research, commercialisation and doctoral training

Michel de Mathelin

Vice-president "valorisation and relations with socio-economic world"

Fréderic Dehan

Director general of services

Lilla Mérabet

Vice-president of Innovation and research