Boost your competitiveness

Innovate thanks to Alsatian public research

Conectus Alsace offers adapted solutions to develop your activity and make you more competitive.


  • A single access point

for all the areas of expertise of public research laboratories in the Alsace.

  • Managed risks - ready-to-use technologies

technologies that are already fully developed (by our Investment Fund*) and adapted to the requirements of the market. These technologies are ready for transfer and chosen to offer you a further advantage over the competition.


  • A portfolio of patents

a huge offering of patents in the field of your choice.

  • Technology transfers made easy

with 'plug and play' tools

  • Accessible technology platforms

assist you with your analyses and evaluations

*What is the Investment Fund?

The concept

The Conectus Alsace's Investment Fund enables businesses to access technologies that are fully developed and ready to be integrated into an industrial development process.

"Proof of concept" or prototyping stages allowing the technical risk to be reduced are carried out in part thanks to the Conectus Alsace's Investment Fund, which offers a helping hand to the most promising projects.

The benefits for businesses

Managed risks: Before being offered, the technologies are selected, evaluated and fully developed to give you an advantage over the competition.


Download our description of the co-conception program for technology maturation